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Letter to the Editor: Time for "Good Work"


Dear Editor,

Now that everyone is very clear on the issue of right to life, I believe the time has come to do the "good work." It is time to put beliefs into action.

As someone who has worked in social service for many years, I know there are thousands of children living as wards of the state who need good and loving homes. These are God's children-the children of mothers who chose not to abort even though they knew they could not care for them. For these children to be freed from the urban blight of large cities to live in open spaces and beautiful mountains would be a miracle for them and for their new families as well. God notices selfless deeds. I am confident that the clergy of every town and village will lead the way in reaching out to save the children and give them life. They are waiting for you in Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.

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