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Letter to the Editor: Petroleum products

St. George

Dear Editor,

It is apparent the environmental groups that are appealing each and every instance they can come up with or dream up to give reason for their consistent appeals of each and every drilling application the drilling exploration companies apply for. Looking for beds of natural gas or crude oil has been delayed or withdrawn. By these appeals filed by these environmental groups. Never once have these groups given thought or perhaps they have information that requires them to act as they do.

Filing their appeals, opposing each and every exploration application for petroleum products. Has the reader paused while reading this letter or given thought to, suppose Saudi Arabia was convinced by the other Muslim or other radical Islam believing nations to stop producing oil for the United States who is considered an infidel nation who does not believe in their God Mohammed founder of their Islamic belief. Have you ever wondered what devastating effect it would have on the United States. Once mid-eastern oils stop coming into the United States, it will be too late to start exploring and drilling. We become a defeated nation. Or maybe perhaps that is when the Battle of Armageddon starts to rage. You people sitting on the sidelines or straddling the fence had better get into the act as you will be the ones most affected by these overt acts.

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