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Drug Bust in Green River

The Emery County Drug Task Force and members of the Emery County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant in Green River on Dec. 28. A female subject, Lanell McDowell was arrested and booked into the Emery County jail. Deputies confiscated drug paraphernalia and small amounts of suspected marijuana. The subject has been charged for now with simple possession of marijuana in a drug free zone and additional charges could be pending upon further investigation and a review of the objects found in the house.

The arrest was a result of an undercover investigation for several months by the Emery County Drug Task Force. Enough evidence was gathered to have a search warrant issued and the search took place.

"This is just a small break in a much bigger picture with drug use in the county. The drug task force intends to take action on drug use in the county, no matter how big or small. The drug task force will continue to investigate this case and others to stop the flow of drugs into the county. If you have any information and would like to anonymously leave a message call 381-2888 for the drug hotline," said the sergeant.

Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guymon said, "We continue to have a big problem in our communities with prescription drugs. If you have had a recent surgery and have pain medication, keep it locked up and out of sight. Do not leave it lying around. The theft of prescription drugs accounts for a large number of the burglaries in the county. If you are burglarized and have your medication stolen...let the drug task force know about it. People use these drugs for a cheap high and they aren't as detectable as say alcohol and there isn't an accompanying aroma with them.

"It is an addiction as harmful as any street drug you can get. People need to be more aware of the effects of these prescription drugs and how their abuse can destroy lives and families.

"A lot of the time it is family members stealing drugs from other family members.

"It is a crisis that people need to be aware of and be willing to do something about.

"Report thefts and get help for family members addicted to prescription drugs. Don't be afraid to get the sheriff's office involved.

"The resale of prescription drugs is a real problem in our community," said Sheriff Guymon.

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