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National Mentoring Month


You can make a difference in the life of a child

Glenda Worthen is a mentor and reads with elementary students.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is a nonprofit organization established to bring together senior members of the community and those in the community who can benefit from the knowledge and experience of those seniors. We have been in Emery County for three years and want to express our appreciation to all those who volunteer. RSVP members serve in a variety of organizations, agencies and institutions designated as volunteer stations. Today's older adults are busy, productive people. They use their experience to mentor children, counsel small businesses, assist at health clinics and teach seniors to use the internet. They want to keep active in ways that make a difference for those in need.

One of our most needed areas of service is with the children in the county. We have a program which allows the volunteers to go to elementary schools and aid the teachers with reading and math. Volunteers listen to the children read and help and encourage them. They also read to the children. Through Volunteers of America, we are able to supply our volunteers with books to give to the children as a reward for their efforts. By the third grade a child is at the reading level they will continue throughout their life. If a child is struggling with reading it is likely to be a struggle throughout their school years and many will just give up. If a person can give an hour or two a week, it will make a major difference in the life of a child.

We are looking for more seniors who would like to share their life's experiences with others and make a difference in our communities and county. Become a member of a national organization that includes over 450,000 volunteers. We welcome you to help us make a difference in the lives of individuals in Emery County.

"There are no limits to caring."

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