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Letter to the Editor: Problem with higher education system



I am writing this letter to voice a problem with the higher education system and how it is abused and how it doesn't help those who honestly are trying to improve their lives. My wife and I have been trying to go to a local two year college and work at the same time in order to get by.

I have found that the financial aid services only want to help those that don't even try to hold a job or pay for one dime of their schooling. My big question is do I work to pay rent or housing plus utilities (cheap $450 month), and food (cheap $100 month), car costs and gas ($300 month), insurance health and auto ($250 month), or do I quit and claim poverty, lie and work off the books and be dishonest so that Uncle Sam can pay for me like many people that I know? If you add that up for a married person without kids to go to school honestly by themselves it takes $1,100 just to live plus $2,200 per person per semester to go to school.

This means schooling costs a cheap $740 month for one or $1,480 for two. Total that up for a grand total of $1,840 month for one student or $2,580 month for two students. Working and going to school, my wife and I bring home $20,000 a year. That's $1,667 a month. That's not even enough for one of us to go to school yet the financial aid service says that we make too much money to receive any aid. You will find these figures as cheap as possible. So where do I get my answers?

Let's not forget those who honestly try to pay for their schooling and live true and noble lives.

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