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Letter to the Editor: BYU Recruitment

St. George


For quite some time, in fact going back a few years to when Brigham Young University had a quarterback football player that pushed the honor code envelope as far as he could without being caught, and this year the honor system at BYU and some of their recruited players hit the bottom of the septic tank, and made front page headlines.

A question that has been bothering me from the time of the envelope honor role pushing quarterback, then recently to these latest news failures, why? Why does BYU have to go outside its church boundaries to recruit these young men that probably had disciplinary problems where they were staying when they were recruited for BYU?

Certainly a church with 13 million members worldwide should be able to come up with enough top qualified players that are active members, men and women in the church, that live by the honor code as part of their everyday living.

Without any doubt we should be able to find 300 top qualified athletes out of the 13 million membership. This is enough players to fill basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, men and women programs. If we cannot find this number then as members of the LDS church we should stand back and re-evaluate ourselves.

Let our worldwide missionaries be the scouts, mission president the recruiters, and we cannot fail.

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