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Cancer Survivor Spotlight Part IV

Wylie Jess Nelson

Wylie Jess Nelson is now cancer free.

Looking out the window through tears, on a beautiful November day, watching my first grader jump on the trampoline while we waited for daddy to get home. It was hard to believe that I had just been told he had leukemia. He didn't look that sick, a little pale and tired. His knee went stiff and it hurt so we had gone back to the doctor. Now we were to go straight to Primary Childrens, no stopping.

Wylie was so excited to go to Salt Lake and stay over night. That turned into a week of tests, surgery, blood transfusions, pills, chemo, bone marrow biopsies, spinal taps and a diagnosis of High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He didn't cry, he was a little defiant about the meds, but he never asked why me or why do I have to do this. He was in remission in nine days.

Wylie has gone through three years of chemo. He was blessed not to have radiation. There were more blood transfusions, spinal taps, bone marrow aspirations, lots of clinic visits, where he fell in love with the nurses and doctors. He had a central line into his heart for three years, so he had to be careful and no swimming. He lost his hair, twice. He got very weak and stumbled some, but he was very strong in spirit.

Wylie has been off treatment for three years now and is cancer free! Wylie is a happy, healthy 12 year old. He likes to fight and play with his two brothers, Wyatt, 10, and Zachary, 4, play with his dog, ride his horse and take care of his cows. He would like a career in medicine in the future to help kids.

He keeps in touch with his special medical crew. He would like to say special thanks to Dr. Stone, Donna Mathis, Peggy Clark, Kristi McKee, Sherry King, Dr. Lemons and everyone at the Oncology Clinic and Primary Childrens.

We have had so many family and friends help carry us through.

Wylie has participated in the Relay for Life each summer held in July and is always excited about helping to raise money for cancer research.

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