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Letter to the Editor: FTAA is Not about Free Trade


Dear Editor,

President Bush is pushing to pass the Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement. The President insists that the North American Free Trade Agreement was a grand success and should be expanded to include nearly all the nations of the Western Hemisphere. The FTAA could be voted on by Congress in April.

The FTAA is not about free trade, in spite of its deceptive name. It is really about a power grab for internationalists. It will erode our sovereignty and independence even further than NAFTA has. It will be a European Union stepchild.

If Congress passes the FTAA they will have given governmental authority to un-elected foreigners who will tell us what to do without any representation or control by U.S. citizens. They will issue orders to overrule our court judgments and laws of our nation. The FTAA is really about setting up a one-world government piece by piece. If the FTAA is passed we will lose our borders and about 500 million people living south of the U.S. will find it a lot easier to take up residence in the U.S. and take American jobs or even get on welfare, homes, loans, things we have given our lives for.

Moreover, more jobs will be lost. If they want to come let them come as contributing members of our society and become citizens as we all have. Pay taxes, vote, speak our language along with they own, etc. They are our brothers and sisters and we want them to come and be citizens along with us to continue to build this great land.

It doesn't matter what our politics are, President Bush is wrong here as well as our Congressmen. Americans should write and call their congressmen and urge them to reject the FTAA to keep the U.S. independent, free and sovereign. Get informed, study what the FTAA really is. Don't close our minds to our freedom.

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