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Letter to the Editor: Prarie dog protection

St. George

Dear Editor,

The Bryce Canyon National Park's Utah Prairie Dog Research Activities Plan is focusing on an attempt to get the Utah prairie dog listed on the Endangered Species list. The above group's heading is a false blinder. A prairie dog is a prairie dog, be it listed as Bryce Canyon or The San Rafael or Tule Valley, it is still a prairie dog.

Once it is listed as endangered and it shows up on your property, be it in the city, on the farm, or out on the ranch, it is an endangered species, and in all truths your property becomes worthless, unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars in case your are caught disturbing one.

Public comment is open for three weeks in February. Write or call 435-834-4901 to comment. The document is available in public libraries in Panguitch and Salt Lake City, or Tropic Town Hall, and other libraries at Southern Utah University, Brigham Young University and Utah State University.

Remember that once it becomes listed, it then becomes protected throughout the entire state of Utah. Call your state legislators, representatives and senators, asking they pass a bill where any specie to be listed must pass a two thirds majority vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate, each, before it can be listed.

So get involved, call or write your comments.

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