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Marijuana found in traffic stops

Two traffic stops along I-70 on Jan. 27 and Jan. 28 netted approximately 65 pounds of marijuana in two separate unrelated stops.

Tropper Steve Salas stopped a vehicle for improper signal and an equipment violation. Two subjects were in the vehicle a male and female. They were acting suspicious and told a suspicious story about where they were going and where they came from. Trooper Salas asked for permission to search the vehicle and the couple consented. Trooper Salas places his drug dog, Claudio in the vehicle and he was interested in the front passenger seat which had a secret compartment constructed under the seat. In further search of the vehicle discoveries were made along the back doors, side doors and under a seat in the back of the van.

Andrew Trible, 25, and Geovanna Romero, 29 were arrested for possession of a controlled substance which is a third degree felony. The female was listed as being three months pregnant. The couple was enroute from San Diego to Michigan.

The couple was cooperative in working with law enforcement. They said this was their fifth drug run since November.

Trooper Aric Coleman out of Emery stopped a vehicle for a window tint and lane change violations and the vehicle contained a male driver headed for Denver from San Francisco. Trooper Coleman approached the vehicle and a strong odor of air freshner was present. This alerted the Trooper and also a discrepency in the drivers license and registration was found by dispatch. Trooper Coleman questioned the driver and when he was asked about illegal substances the driver became nervous and pointed to the trunk. Trooper Coleman asked if he could search the vehicle and was given permission to search. In the trunk where the spare tire should be, was a black plastic bag filled with 30 pounds of marijuana.

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