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Barn Fire in Orangeville

Guest Writer

This old barn in Orangeville went up in flames on Thursday.

On Feb. 10 at approximately 10 p.m. a fire was seen in the barn owned by Tracy and Kathy Addley at 341 South 100 East in Orangeville. This fire was next door to the home of Leah Justesen, the mother of Kathy Addley.

Richard Miles was the first to see the fire. He called 911 to report the fire a few minutes later Courtney Cox getting ready for bed noticed that his East window curtain was bright red. He opened the window and saw the barn across the street was a ball of fire. He immediately called 911 and was told someone else had called to report the fire. About 15 minutes later the fire trucks from Castle Dale arrived and about five minutes later the Orangeville fire trucks arrived.

The fire appeared to have started in the northwest corner or along the west side of the barn and spread east to a shed that housed a 4-wheeler, some tools and a camper shell. The 4- wheeler and the camper shell were destroyed as well as the two story barn and the single story shed.

Another single story shed attached to the east end of the one that was burned did not sustain any damage. Other 4-wheelers and farm equipment east of the barn were not damaged. There was no damage to any of the homes in the block.

The slight breeze blowing from the west could, if it had been blowing harder, caused a great deal of damage in that city block. This barn is near the south end of Tracy Addley's home and just south of Leah Justesen's house. Courtney Cox, while watching the fire with Richard Miles said, "I used to load hay into that barn when I was a kid."

Tracy Addley the Orangeville Fire Chief was out of town and unavailable for comment.

Shortly after the Orangeville fire trucks arrived the west side of the barn collapsed into the fire as Castle Dale and Orangeville poured water and foam on the fire to smother it.

One Castle Dale fire pumper truck was not set in park or did not have the brakes on and when the water from the fire hydrant started flowing into it, the truck started rolling forward and nearly ran into another fire truck. Fortunately a fireman close by saw what was happening and was able to stop the truck about a quarter of a block from where it had been stopped.

Citizens of Emery County appreciate their volunteer firemen and the fact that they risk their lives to save lives and property.

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