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Klondike adventure

These scouts learn how to rescue an injured person and construct a makeshift stretcher.

Emery County scouts from the Buckhorn District gathered at the Huntington State Park last weekend for some fun in the snow, ice and cold. The weather was damp but the snow never materialized.

With a little scout ingenuity, they collected enough snow for the snowshoe relay race; which was a timed event. Each of the packs set up a game or activity and the groups moved from one event to the other and the day culminated in the annual dog sled race.

Activities included bowling, golf, rescue, snowshoeing, trap setting, log throwing and other activities. As is typical with scouts the enthusiasm ran high and the competition was fierce as they moved through their activities.

Scouting is never complete without a lot of food and this event was no exception. The scouts prepared a breakfast and snacked their way through the day.

The scouts look forward to their next big event which is the Scouting Expo to be held on March 12 at the old Emery High gym.

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