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Letter to the Editor: Stop the FTAA

Victorville, Calif.

Dear Editor,

The proposed Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA), scheduled for Congressional debate in early 2005, is the framework for a socialist regional government modeled after the European Union (EU). The successor to NAFTA, the FTAA would entangle 34 Western Hemisphere nations in exactly the kind of sovereignty-destroying arrangement in which nations in the (EU) now find themselves. Instead of promoting "free trade" it would decimate our economy, and seriously undermine our middle class along with our national independence. Americans will no longer have to worry about illegal immigration because there will be no effective borders, instead we will have to deal with "mass migration." Middle class Americans will be devastated by the lowering of wages from a "flood" of unskilled workers to the burden of massive increases in spending on social services.

This proposal promoting "free trade" calls for government-controlled - even internationally controlled commerce. This pact has little to do with freedom when it contains hundreds - even thousands of pages of regulations. U.S. citizens will be bound by regional courts not our own legal system. A regional currency much like the Eurodollar will be instituted and our currency will be phased out.

Help protect our Nations sovereignty and culture from this so called "free trade agreement." We must demand that Congress stop the FTAA. Contact: for an information packet.

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