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Ideas for marketing and using small wood products could mean cash

Utah State Forester Joel Frandsen announced recently that $135,000 in grants is available for community based programs that use or market small wood products. Congress appropriated the one time funds to address Economic Action and Community Planning programs in rural communities at risk from wildland fire, or communities affected by fires in 2000.

The cost share grants will be used for community based projects and other collaborative efforts that encourage long term solutions for using small wood products generated during work to protect communities from wildland fire.

Requests for proposals are being solicited through local Economic Development offices. Resource Conservation and Development offices, Utah State University Extension offices, local governments and others. Tribal and local governments, communities, businesses and not-profit organizations are encouraged to apply. For-profit businesses may apply directly or through an eligible entity such as a non-profit organization.

For a copy of the Request for Proposal, contact Ron Gropp at 1-801-538-5457, or visit

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