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Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat mingles with students from Huntington Elementary.

The Cat in the Hat visited Huntington Elementary School on March 4. He came to visit Denise Chapman's and Helen Piacitelli's classes, along with the Magic Moments Preschool. He came to award certificates of completion to Dakota Kinder, Abbie Kinder, Dallen Kinder and Bowdrie Kinder for their participation in Gov. Olene Walker's Summer Reading Challenge. For that challenge, the students were required to read at least 15 hours during the summer.

While at the school, the Cat helped Piacitelli read one of his most famous stories, Green Eggs and Ham, to the students. He also brought books and toothbrushes that he gave away to some students.

The Kinders won the visit from the Cat, while having dinner with Gov. Walker at her Literacy Conference in November 2004.

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