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A Sea Adventure

The captain and his crew of pirates plot their dirty deeds.

On March 15, Mrs. McElprang's class performed "A Sea Adventure" for parents, students, and guests at Huntington Elementary. Pirates played by: Brentan Gordon, Johnny Birch, Chase Faucett, Rowdy Tucker, Shane Acosta, Ethan Tuttle, Tai Justice, Jesus Salazar, Nathan Potter, Jesey Johnson and Kelven Childs. Pirate captain played by Jordan Sitterud.

Sir Winston Drakes played by Kadian Denison, his servant George, Matt Mecham. Tim and Jack, the cabin boys, played by Robie Baker and Ridge Nielson.

Mermaids played by Laryssa Guymon, Taycee Tucker, Brooklin Ewell and Autumn Stoddard. Village girls played by Rondee VanWagoner, Jaycee Birch, Lacy McElprang, Alyssa Armstrong Melo, Jaylyn Oliver and Ellie Kay.

Marie Guymon Johnson was the pianist for performances.

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