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Letter to the Editor: Poligamy

Salt Lake City

Dear Editor,

According to the Provo Daily Herald on March 4, in a St. George meeting on polygamy, Utah State Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said the following.

"We can't do anything without cooperation. We need witnesses and support." The statement was in regards to polygamy. My response to that?

You want cooperation? You want witnesses? You want support? Uphold your oath of office and announce officially that polygamy among consenting adults is protected by the 14th Amendment of the Supreme Law of the Land, and that all laws and parts of the Utah Constitution to the contrary, including the recent definition of marriage amendment, are considered null and void by your office.

Make that announcement. Get the governor to uphold his oath and sign it as an executive order. Give legal status to plural wives and their children. Then, you will get cooperation. You will get witnesses. You will get support. Otherwise, you will share part of the responsibility for future abuses facilitated by fear of government oppression of the First Amendment rights of an unpopular religion. You can also save yourself, or your successor, the embarrassment of being so ordered by the US Supreme Court.

Now, go dust off a copy of the US Constitution and read the 14th Amendment, to which you are bound by sacred oath.

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