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Memorable Experience

By Cheresa and Monty Larsen

On March 22 and 23, Emery High hosted a High School Softball Tournament. A week before it started, my sister called. She has a daughter who plays on the softball team. She said they didn't have enough money in their budget for a motel and asked if they could stay at my house so they wouldn't have to drive back and forth after playing so late. I told her they could stay and asked how many there would be. She told me there were 19 girls and four coaches.

We were looking at this as an adventure. You need to do your part to help the schools and their activities, I told my husband. As we know, everytime we turn around, they are cutting something from the schools in the budget.

Well, the weekend finally got here. Here they all came, bringing in their sleeping bags and luggage. Upstairs half went and half downstairs. They picked up after themselves. My house was just as clean when they left as when they got here. These girls were so well mannered and polite. Everytime I turned around, someone was thanking me.

For 19 young girls, I was very impressed. Everything went in an order. They were all ready and left in time for the games. They worked very well together on and off the field. We took pictures and will be remembering this for a long time to come. All of these girls and coaches of the West High Girl's Softball Team can come back next year. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am very proud of all these young ladies and wish them good luck.

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