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Letter to the Editor: Thank you legislators


It seemed an increase in surplus funds available to the Utah Legislature this past session would have made their jobs fairly easy. However, as I personally watched the work accomplished by our rural legislators, I recognized how extremely difficult this session was.

It appeared extra money created greater demand and pressure. In fact, the past few legislative sessions, with little money available and no additional funding, decisions for our legislators were probably much easier.

I would like to express my personal appreciation for the hard work of many of our rural legislators in finding adequate funding to help meet the critical operation needs of the Utah State Park system.

Co-chairs of the Natural Resources Sub-Appropriations Committee, Senator Tom Hatch and Representative Brad Johnson, and Committee Member Representative John Mathis all worked very hard behind the scenes with the Executive Appropriations Committee to find this needed funding. Two important members of the Executive Appropriations Committee were Representative Brad King and Senator Mike Dmitrich, both of whom played key roles in helping find the needed funding.

As I watched the legislative process this year, I realize what a tremendous job all of our rural legislators did to represent the needs not only of the Utah State Park system, which was my major concern, but all of the needs of rural Utah.

I appreciate the rural legislators for a difficult job well done.

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