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A Born Traveler

Maureen Copatch, Doris Walker, and Carey Bloomer, with mother Cynthia Morris and baby Kayden.

On March 30, a call was received at the Emery County Sheriff's Office dispatch requesting an ambulance for a woman in labor. Eleven year old Kite McPherren had discovered his sister's water had broken and labor had began. Scott Ford, was calling dispatch for Cynthia Morris, who is his niece and was in labor with her first baby. The call came into dispatch at 7:25 p.m.

Morris had been having labor pains on and off for two weeks, and she had been to see the doctor and had been released to return home the previous evening. The baby boy decided it was his time to come and he was doing it now.

Three EMTs Doris Walker, Carey Bloomer, and Maureen Copatch, hurried to the ambulance parked at the firestation and were on their way to attend to the impending birth.

None of the women on duty that night had delivered a baby, so radio contact was made with Richard Herring, Castle Dale Fire Chief, to be on alert.

The three women and Morris' uncle Scott put her into the ambulance and they were on their way to Castleview Hospital in Price.

Everyone knows that ambulances travel very quickly, and with the young woman in pain and being vocal about, this trip was no exception.

Going through Castle Dale, Herring was picked up and was ready to help in any way he could. He had delivered babies previously and brought knowledge of the procedure to the occasion.

From the time the call was received at dispatch until the baby boy was born was an extremely short 35 minutes. Kayden Morris arrived in the ambulance as it was passing milepost 49, north of Huntington, at 75 miles per hour. Maybe Kayden will take the next few years at a slower pace.

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