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Emery County Republican Party Organizing Convention

County chairman Bill Dellos introduces the guest speakers.

The convention was held April 23 at the Emery County Recreation Center in Castle Dale, and its purpose was to elect the Emery County Republican Party officers and to vote on a new constitution document and a new bylaws document.

The officers elected were Bill Dellos, chairman, Zora Peacock, vice chairman, Karen Dellos, secretary, Elaine Hatch, treasurer, and Eric Anderson as county representative.

The Constitution and Bylaws, rewritten by committees headed by David Bott and Randy Johnson were adopted without discussion. All of the delegates had received copies of the Constitution and Bylaws for review two weeks prior to the convention.

Guest speakers were Brad Johnson, state representative, Mike Mower representing Governor Huntsman, Phil Kern representing the Utah State Republican Party, Donna Sackett representing Senator Bob Bennett, and Ron Dean representing Senator Orrin Hatch.

The convention was opened and closed by Chairman Bill Dellos.

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