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DWR Stocks Streams

Staff Writer

Gina Crompton pulls a brown trout out of the Green River. Spring fishing is good for now until spring runoff will muddy the waters.

Derris Jones, DWR regional supervisor, gave an update concerning the southeastern Utah region at a recent RAC meeting. Jones began with the aquatics section. He announced that some stocking of lower elevation lakes and streams is now taking place. The ice is off at Scofield Reservoir and fishing has been excellent. Fisherman are having the best luck with egg sacs for bait. He reminded everyone that tributaries into Scofield are closed until July 9 for spawning purposes.

Joe's Valley reservoir is expected to spill, but Scofield is not. Jones stated that the quality of fishing in creeks and streams will deteriorate due to the muddy conditions expected during the spring runoff.

Spawning traps for Duck Fork will be installed this summer and small scale egg collection will begin. Ken's Lake and Millsite Reservoir have been stocked, and Huntington North is expected to be stocked soon.

Jones stated that the Gunnison and Greater sage grouse viewing in Carbon, San Juan and Wasatch counties has begun. The Lek counts are continuing for the sage grouse.On April 30, Wetland Day, which will be an educational and bird watching day, will be held at Desert Lake.

During the past two years, the habitat section has been busy. More than 50,000 acres have been planted with sagebrush seedlings in San Juan County.

Range Creek, DWRs newest wildlife management area, has recently become very popular. Jones said it is partly due to the publicity concerning the cultural resource in the canyon. He announced that permits will be available on the website for access into Range Creek. The permits will cost $5 per person, per day. Access is by foot or horseback only, and only 28 people will be allowed into the canyon each day.

Jones announced that for those people who are not able to access Range Creek by foot or horseback, the Emery and Carbon county recreation

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