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Cancer Survivor Part XIII

Judy Lang

We were stationed at San Pablo Air Force Base in Seville, Spain when I found out that I was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy in August 1966. At my six week check up, they told me that my pap smear was abnormal and that if I wanted to have more children I had better do so. I didn't want to until we went back to the States. In February 1968 I gave birth to my second child, and again they said that the tests were going higher. When we got back to the States, I had to have a D&C in September 1969.

One week later I had the surgery done for cervical cancer. That's when I got really scared. I had just lost my dad in July due to cancer, I have had so many friends and family who have had cancer.

We can't see what's going on inside. It can happen so quickly. You don't even realize that it's happening if you don't get your exams. A lot can happen in just one year. That's why I work so hard with getting the "Pennies for Cancer" cans out to all the businesses for Relay for Life. Over the past three years, your pocket change has added up to thousands of dollars for cancer research.

If people would realize it, it's how you deal with it that has a lot to do with the outcome. I'm a 36 year survivor, I feel very fortunate not to have had to go through treatments. Please get your checkups.

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