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Letter to the Editor: "Concerned citizens" are tearing community apart


Dear Editor,

As a resident of Orangeville, I for one am fed up with opening the county paper and finding letters to the the editor from the so-called "concerned citizens of Orangeville." I am tired of the criticizing and the complaining.

We as citizens of Orangeville have elected our city officials and we put our trust in them. They have been elected by a majority vote to govern our city. They are all qualified for their positions, as are the city employees. So why are these people the objects of such criticism while they are doing their duties? Why are the people of Orangeville under the constant scrutiny of the "concerned citizens"?

Our every action is being watched and thoroughly discussed. Do we have to notify these few individuals every time we do something, or is it that they think, contrary to popular belief, that everything is their business? Yes, we elected our city officials, but I don't remember electing the "concerned citizens" as our town watchdogs.

The actions of these few "concerned citizens" are tearing our community apart. Why do the residents of Orangeville have to be ruled by the minority instead of the majority?

If the "concerned citizens" would spend all of the time and energy they put into criticizing, complaining, and minding other peoples business, into other more productive and helpful things for the community, just think what a wonderful place this would be.

I am proud to call Orangeville my home and I am glad to be a resident here and for all of you "concerned citizens" I have one thing to say: if it is so horrible to live in our wonderful town, I'm sure that you can find another place to live.

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