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Letter to the Editor: Majority of the Citizens?


Dear Editor,

Majority of the Citizens?

I must take issue with Paul Riddle's editorial letter published in the Emery County Progress on April 26. In his letter lamenting the watering schedule for Orangeville he repeatedly refers to "we" as though he is speaking collectively for the people of Orangeville, and I do not believe that he is.

As an Orangeville citizen, I too received a letter discussing the watering schedule for this year. I'm not a huge fan of watering schedules myself, but I can see the wisdom of the schedule because I've recalled times when even with a watering schedule the water flow was barely adequate. If we all choose to water on the same day at the same time, how much water will actually be able to flow out of the tap? Mr. Riddle praises neighboring cities for the "trust" shown in their citizens by allowing them to water "twice a week during recommended hours except for Sundays." I'm sorry, but a watering schedule by any other name is still a watering schedule, and Orangeville's watering schedule allowed us an extra day to water. As I said, I received the same letter Mr. Riddle did, but I came to far different conclusions. I did not feel that the letter from the city in any way put us "on notice." Rather, I felt that city leaders were asking us to continue being prudent in our use of water this season. As for the "reward for conserving," I do not require a reward. Drought or no drought, we live in a desert environment and using any more water than what is needed or required is a waste of resources. I do not recall ever having been told, directly or indirectly, that the city leaders "would be watching" us. I do not believe that "our integrity and honor are on the line if we have been out of town and want to use the water outside of turn." Integrity and honor? We are talking about watering the lawn, right?

As for Mr. Riddle's statement "let the people govern themselves," I believe we are doing so through the election process.

Lastly, Mr. Riddle's statement that the "watering schedule does not represent the wishes of the majority of the citizens in Orangeville," makes me wonder, when has he spoken to the majority of the citizens of Orangeville? I am a citizen and no one has spoken to me, or anyone that I know in Orangeville.

I have had the opportunity to attend quite a few city council meetings over the years in Orangeville and elsewhere in the county. A vast majority of the time the mayor and the council are conducting the business of the city to the best of their ability with little or no recognition of their efforts. Most of the time there are no citizens present during the meeting unless they have a concern to address. I do not agree with every decision the city leaders make and have taken issue with some of them in the past myself. But I do so as an individual, speaking only for myself, not for the "majority of the citizens."

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