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Letter to the Editor: Ongoing investigation unfair


Dear Editor,

Some 15 months ago in February of 2004 the Utah State Attorney General's Office began to investigate alleged wrong doing by three senior management officials of Emery Telcom.

This action and the merits of the issues involved has created division and contention within the company and community.

Initially, most everyone thought with the State of Utah's highest legal office involved that this controversy would be resolved efficiently and in a timely manner. Apparently the Attorney General's office has better things to do than do their job. After 15 months the Attorney Generals Office of the State of Utah should have enough evidence to charge the people concerned at Emery Telcom or they don't. It is not fair or right to leave Emery Telcom high and dry with no resolution for so long. There are good people on both sides of this issue. Everyone waits on the AG's office for its report so that the telephone company can get on with its business. It is a shame that neglect, inattention, and bureaucratic bungling are not crimes for if they were the AG office would face stiffer punishment than the small amount of ridicule I offer them.

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