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Letter to the Editor: a Nation Of Men

Canton, Mich.

Dear Editor,

Our nation of laws is beginning to look more and more like a nation of men.

These men are fashioning our government into a bizarre religion that closely resembles the church of early Europe.

For example -a rich man could approach any of the churches - Catholic or any of the many Protestant religions - and buy himself a seat or a position of importance within the church.

These days the same thing is done in the United States for positions in government - from local to state to federal.

In the early days of Europe and in the Middle Ages sins could be paid for and salvation granted for a price. Poor people were all condemned to hell - both on earth and in the afterlife.

Here in the United States poor people are still condemned to hell - especially if they end up in court - but like their corrupt predecessors the rich can buy themselves off. Martha Stewart stands out as a minor example. Tom Lay of Enron and Ebbers of Worldcom (now MCI) both stand out as big examples.

Even bigger examples are entire companies that get away with this. Even as poor people have been skewered by George Bush who shut down the bankruptcy window - large corporations like K-Mart, Owens-Corning and others continue to rake in piles of money and dominate their respective industries with corruption and inefficiency.

While bankrupt K-Mart actually went out and bought Sears - one of the world's largest retailers.

Something is wrong and it's not Social Security.

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