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Letter to the Editor: We need to hear different points of view


Dear Editor,

We would like to take this opportunity to address the letters which were put in last week in the Emery County Progress. We are happy that open conversations are beginning here in Orangeville. We are happy to read letters that don't have our same views. That is what it is all about, isn't' it? Why do people hate other people reaching out to help others? Why do people hate at all? We should not have hate and animosity for one another, but rather love and care for one another, be kind and giving with ourselves and our time to others within our community. We need to address issues not attack each other because of different view points. We have all had different life experiences, so how can we judge one another? How can any of us stand and judge others when we have not had the same experiences within our community that others might have had? We are grateful for the honest view points of others. We do not hold any animosity toward anyone in our community. Yes, we have had our own experiences, not all bad and not all good, but we have learned to grow from these experiences and try to rise above them.

We are grateful for the opportunities that have come our way to reach out to others within our community and outside of our community. We are always looking for ways to help others. We have volunteered and will continue to volunteer our help. We will continue on with our lives here in Orangeville, we love the beauty that Orangeville brings to us, we are very grateful to have such wonderful friends here in Orangeville who give us their love and support to those many friends, we thank you. We would like to thank the editor of the Emery County Progress for all the effort they make to print the concerns of the city council and the citizens. It is through this process that issues can be raised and problems resolved. We are sorry if we have ever offended anyone because of our view points, but Carl and I have very strong view points and we try to stand for what we believe in and have been taught to stand for those things that we feel are right.

My mother taught me as a young girl to love the evening hours, that is when I ask Carl to come and go for a ride with me to enjoy the evening and to look at the beautiful yards that we have here in Orangeville. We love the beauty that we are surrounded with. We enjoy our time together since Carl worked away from home for so many years and we could not spend a sunset together, but now we can.

We need to hear different points of view in order for our city to grow. And Paul, thank you for your letter last week, it was very helpful in considering a different way to view our water schedule and to encourage us to talk and express our feelings with our officials and others.

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