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Letter to the Editor: Stand up and be heard


Dear Editor,

I would like to address the letter that Sara Grindley wrote to the Emery County Progress, May 10. I would like to remind her that there are those of us that are concerned citizens have just as many rights as she does. We feel as though it is about time that we stand up and that our voices be heard. We have people that are afraid to come forward because of retaliation or harsh criticism that will come their way if they do approach the city officials. We are tired of the judgments that are placed on us when we stand up and we let our voices be heard. We still have free speech here in America, don't we? We are grateful for those of us that will stand up for what we believe in, even though we are being judged so harshly.

We know that we are being watched by others and it is not the citizens who are concerned for us that are doing the watching, it is our city government that is doing the watching of the citizens here in Orangeville. We are happy to have individuals who we trust who are truly concerned citizens, who will listen and not judge us but try to find ways to help us. At times we feel as though we are living in a foreign country, not America.

We want all concerned citizens to continue to unify and help and do those things that will help those of us that have concerns and we want our voices to be heard also. If anyone is bringing negativism to our community, it is not coming from citizens who are showing their concern for others, it is coming from other sources.

Judging from the letters to the editor in last weeks Emery County Progress, we should all be concerned.

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