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Letter to the Editor: New law signed by President Bush


Dear Editor,

A new law signed by President Bush on May 9, 2005, expands the 2003 Medicare law, giving $1 billion for emergency care to illegal immigrants, thereby rendering military retirees, other veterans, and millions of poor, honest people LAST CLASS citizenship status.

Why is it considered that our military warriors untold sacrifices for the freedoms of this once great country have less priority and concern than those who are breaking the law by their merely being here in the first place? What in the world is this country coming to, and how long can it expect to be around, if it honors illegal aliens so much greater than its own citizenry? Has it come to the point where honest, upstanding, legal citizens needs come last in this country?

All law abiding Americans should be totally disgusted and fed up. They should do what they can over the next few years to see that every sitting elected official of this ilk is voted out of office.

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