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Letter to the Editor: Silence justifies the high price of fuel

St. George

Dear Editor:

Since the 1960s when the first environmental groups reared their ugly heads every one figured, "If we ignore them long enough they'll go away." Wrong. These controversial environmental groups had an ulterior motive to pull off. They are dedicated to their plan.

The plan was to bring all federal land, including our forests, under their total control, and to make the United States of America totally dependant on foreign oil. To bring this about they needed to connive the federal government into working for them. So, they found a few representatives and senators that were on the same wave length and from this came the Wilderness and Endangered Species Act, which has set aside many millions of acres.

The Endangered Species Act has forced sawmills to shut down, and nearly every oil lease issued or application to drill for oil or gas has been appealed. Have you gasoline or diesel user's voiced a concern to your congress men opposing these ridiculous appeals? These groups are now close to accomplishing their goal.

Headlines in our daily newspapers statewide read, "Congress again ponders RED Rock Wilderness Act." If passed it will lock away 9.5 million acres in Utah. Which will close billions of cubic feet of natural, coal methane gas, crude oil and thousands of acres of coal.

You drivers do not call your Washington delegates to vote against this proposal. By not calling and having a grin and bear it attitude when gasoline makes another five cents per gallon jump, the local environmentalists have changed their minds, they want more than the original 3.2 million acres of wilderness. They want 9.5 million acres.

Venezuela, which is the fourth leading oil supplier to the US has ordered the US Embassy closed in Caracas. The plan is coming together. When all federal land is closed to drilling, and a few more foreign countries refuse to sell oil to the US, we then become totally dependent on foreign oil. We then become a self defeated nation.

The time is now, for you to call your congressmen and voice your opinion. Speak up or keep your mouth shut. Wake up Americans and tell the environmental groups, enough is enough.

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