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High School Interns

Mike Wilberg takes blood pressures.

On May 11, as part of their high school class, eight Emery High School seniors made presentations at both junior highs. Students who participated were Alan Fausett, Mike Wilberg, Cassie Phillips, Catherine Kinoshita, Ashley Huntington, Breezie Fillmore, Jerica Jensen, and Savanna Allred.

Seventh graders in the TLC classes recently participated in job shadow where they went to work with an adult family member to get a first hand look at the working world. To reinforce the "life in the real world" experience, the seniors gave accounts of the work related experiences they have had during the work study program or an internship at a local business.

Dixie Fielder, the work based learning coordinator at Emery High said, "The purpose of these programs is to prepare students for life. The internships give them a taste of what that field of employment would be like, and see if it would be something they want to pursue as a career.

"In the work study program, the students find their own jobs, some as far as Price. They are either released for two periods from school, or work after school. These programs are designed to work around the students schoolwork and schedules. It also involves a great deal of community support. We are so appreciative of the local business owners who allow our students to do internships in their establishments." said Fielder.

The programs teach students skills which will be necessary to succeed in the work world. They learn to build resumes, the value of dependability, self-esteem, and ethics and values. The students also learn communications and relationships, how to mix a home life and a work life without one effecting the other.

Each intern or work study student gave the seventh graders an overview of the experiences they have had during their internship. Some explained specific, important parts of each job, the cost of tools to do the job, necessary training, and working conditions. Fausett is on a work study program at a mechanic shop, Huntington and Fillmore have interned in a law office, and Wilberg, Phillips, Kinoshita, Jensen, and Allred have interned in the medical field at Emery County Care and Rehab.

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