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Memorial Day 2005

St. George

Dear Editor,

Recently the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced plans to enter the Uinta mountain snail on the Endangered Specie list. If our Washington delegation allows this to happen, you can expect the USFWS to find snails anywhere they want to look, and add to the Endangered Specie list.

Let us not forget what transpired with the Kanab snail, or any other snail found in Utah. This is a put-up, pre-planned ploy to stop all timbering, new mining, drilling for oil or gas, eliminate grazing, hunting and fishing, as the snails might be stepped on in the Uinta National Forest.

The state fish and wildlife, like unto the Washington fish and wildlife, has been pandered by various environmental groups and apparently they listen to their prompting and respond. I fail to comprehend why the 11 western states Washington delegations have not acted to recall the Endangered Specie Act for corrections. As it is now written, it has become known as the United States Internal Weapons of Mass Destruction Act.

The Endangered Specie Act should have a clause stating, "Before any specie can be listed as endangered or threatened, in any state, it must pass both houses of that state's legislators by a 75 percent majority standing vote. If it fails to garner the 75 percent standing votes, it cannot be listed as threatened or endangered."

Every person who feels this encroaches on their rights as an American citizen should call the White House at 202-456-1111, the President's office or Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-225-3121, and ask to speak to any of the congressmen from Utah and they will transfer your call, asking them to recall the Endangered Specie Act for revision.

Remember evil people rule when good people do nothing.

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