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Fire at Hunter plant injures one


A fire occurred at the Hunter Plant near Castle Dale on Friday.

On Fri. June 17 at approximately 2 p.m. the Emery County Sheriff's Office was notified of a fire at the Hunter Power Plant, unit 3.

Then sheriff's office dispatch immediately sent Emery County fire units, ambulance and deputies to the scene. The safety team at the power plant also responded.

Injured in the fire was Chris Guymon of Huntington. He was apparently working on the unit which was off line at the time of the fire. He was inside a pipe replacing a seal and using an electric wrench to undo the bolts. He had successfully removed three of the bolts and when undoing the fourth bolt he accidently struck the bolt with the wrench causing a spark which ignited gases in the air causing a fire. Another employee immediately shut down all equipment in the area to lessen the chances of the fire spreading. The fire was contained to a small area. "The fast actions of this employee in shutting everything down, avoided what could have been a catastrophic event," said Sheriff Lamar Guymon.

Workers were completing repairs to bring the unit back on line at the time of the fire. Guymon was transported to Castleview Hospital where he was lifeflighted to the University of Utah. He was examined and released. He is now resting at home and expected to return to work soon.

Hunter 3 was brought back online on Monday after the original repairs were made and cleanup from the fire was also completed.

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