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Letter to the Editor: Finally shown who they really are


Dear Editor,

I have been paying close attention to the behavior of the democrats in the House and Senate since the election. I can now say with some satisfaction the democrats have finally shown everyone who they really are. They hate America, especially our military, and they love our enemies. When Newsweek magazine published a completely fictional story about how our military is treating the terrorists we are holding at our prison in Cuba, the democrats not only sucked it down but amplified it.

Last week, Sen. Dick Durbin-D-Illinois, standing on the Senate floor, compared our soldiers to Nazis and Communists who ran death camps in Europe during WW II and the Cold War. They only problem Sen. Durbin has is no terrorist has died in our "Death Camp." In fact, they eat better than they ever have in their lives. They are given new Korans and have five prayer sessions a day.

It sickens me that the democrats could ally themselves with any enemy of America. I hope Americans in these democrats home states will hold them accountable in the next elections. There is an enemy within our country, they call themselves democrats.

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