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No Pain no Gain

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Cheerleaders prepare for upcoming season

Emery High cheerleaders learn the proper techniques to stunting.

The Emery High Cheerleaders began their preparations for the upcoming sports seasons with a visit by an instructor from the US Tumblers of Virginia Beach, Va.

An ex-collegiate football player whose career was cut short by an injury, Bear Pierce now works year round instructing high school and collegiate cheer squads in proper technique of stunting.

Piggybacking onto another Utah high school's scheduling, the Spartans were able to get three days of Bear's instruction as they practiced under his guidance at LaRae's Dance Studio in Huntington.

Bear has a belief that cheerleaders are athletes and as such need to be in great condition. "There will be no whining today, there will be no 'I can'ts.'" Such action often took the team to the mat for more push-ups and other exciting activities.

After watching some of the workouts, I confirmed my long held belief that cheerleading might be the toughest sport at a high school.

Cheerleaders show up at every county parade during the summer, go to summers camps, begin serious practice in early August and perform through early March as they show up for every home football game, boys basketball game, girls basketball game, volleyball match and wrestling match. And they do this for varsity and junior varsity. Cheerleaders, when I was in school, may have just shown up to brighten up the place but not now. Now there is hard work and a lot of effort that goes into every performance and they are still expected to brighten up the place. Catch the cheerleaders in action, they are worth watching.

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