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Iowa Bikers visit county


Jim and Jan Down and friend, Dave Schuldt bike from California to Colorado with a stop in Green River along the way.

Three bicyclists recently passed through Emery County on their way to Fruita, Colo. They started in California and rode through Nevada and Utah. Jim and Jan Down are from Iowa City, Iowa and flew to California to begin this leg of their bike adventure.

"We wanted to see parts of the country that we might otherwise pass by in a car. It's been fantastic to get such a view of the mountains and the meadowlarks have sung to us along the way. We started biking back in Iowa and for 26 years we have been riding across Iowa in a Des Moines newspaper sponsored bike ride.

"That bike ride has become extremely popular and they have thousands of riders each year. We've always done that, but we wanted to see more. We have been all over the 50 states we ride from border to border, east to west.

"We've done a lot of riding with our family and we are currently trying to get our grandsons involved. We have friends in Fruita that we are going to stay with and visit there for awhile.

"We have really met a lot of nice people along the way. We ride anywhere from 70-100 miles each day and we stay in a motel at night. It's been a lot of fun and a great adventure for us," said Jan.

Dave Schuldt is also along for the ride on this trip. He is a friend from Iowa City.

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