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Wild wind


A flying roof makes an unwelcome deposit at Wells Fargo

The roof from the building next door to Wells Fargo bank lands in the parking lot of the bank.

Just after 4 p.m. on June 22, a tornado-like wind hit Castle Dale's Main Street area. Fierce winds were blowing in a thunderstorm from the south and those winds spawned the activity which blew the roof from the building at 141 East Main Street and deposited it on the adjacent Wells Fargo bank building. The historic building was built in the early 1900s and was originally a wooden structure, that was later bricked. It has served many purposes, such as private home, dance hall, movie theater, and liquor store, over the years and currently houses a flooring business with an apartment rented on the upper floor.

Becky Nelson, who was working inside the building at Affordable Flooring said, "I heard a loud boom and the building started to shake. It was a really scary experience." Parts of the roof of the structure were deposited onto the Wells Fargo bank building, strewn about the parking lot on each side of the bank, and fell down on cars parked behind the bank. A portion of the roof came to rest high up in the large elm tree which separates the properties. Limbs from the tree also fell onto the fence along the property line.

A portion of the flying roof lands on a vehicle in the parking lot.

Michael Boyce was in the Castle Dale City Park across the street. "I heard a loud noise, when I looked over at the building, I saw a lot of shingles and things swirling very high into the air. I ran into the courthouse to report the damage."

Emery County Sheriff's Office deputies and the Castle Dale Fire Department responded and quickly secured the area. There were no injuries reported. Fire department personnel removed portions of the roof which were imbedded to a depth of two feet into the bank's roof. Several vehicles were damaged by flying debris, with a portion of the roof coming to rest atop a Jeep, owned by a bank employee.

A private construction company was called in to do the cleanup work.

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