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Letter to the Editor: Stand by those we've asked to believe in us


Dear Editor,

I know that most of Emery County doesn't need to be convinced, but I'm using the service of's website to send this letter urging people to support the President and our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and those who support them.

I'm very proud of my country and the fact that it has responded to terrorist attacks by helping the people whose regimes have attacked us to throw off those fascists and build representative governments in their place.

We were told from the outset that the war against terrorism would be long and expensive, but the opponents of the war keep telling us it is a failure and that we need to set a date for pulling our forces out. As one who believes that it is better to confront these people in Iraq than here, I prefer to stand by those we've asked to believe in us.

Semper Fi and God bless America.

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