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The Sports View: Not so fat anymore!

Sports Writer

Almost three months ago, I came clean and publicly announced that being fat was no longer acceptable in my life and that the new me was about to come forth.

Since I still believed that I was an athlete, and I have not changed my mind since, I knew that changes were necessary in order to continue playing at the level that my mind said that I should play at. Continued good health was also a small concern.

And now the truth, I am still an athlete and I continue to be an asset to my softball team as I can still run and throw and bat as good as ever. Okay, I can bat as good as ever, but I am deceptively fast for a person of my age and weight and my throwing has limited me to infield play because of rotator cuff surgery a few years back.

And even though I am an athlete, once you get over 30 it is not easy or fast to recuperate after a game or two. Your body simply gets sore because you are not in fantastic shape any more. You do not make any magazine covers.

And now the weight issue, I have not weighed myself yet since I still have a disdain for scales, but I am going back to the scene of my last weigh-in next week and get the official results of my efforts. It will have been exactly three months since my start of the new me.

I started at a tight 42 in shorts and after a month I was in a size 40. Now I am in a loose 38 and am pretty confidant that I will be able to get in an old pair of Levi shorts that I found in my dresser in just a matter of days. They are size 36.

I feel great. I measured my blood pressure and it has dropped back into the normal range and my heart rate dropped 12 beats a minute. My joints also feel great and believe it or not, I can bend over and touch my toes without bending my knees.

I have not done anything drastic, I have just made a concentrated consistent effort and I made it public so that I could not quit. I eat better, I sleep better, I live better.

I am not at the end of my journey but somewhere in the middle, I know that life can be even better. I started three months ago and I am seeing great results, just imagine your life if you had made a similar effort. Life is great, get off the couch.

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