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Jacalyn Leavitt Visits Castle Dale Students

First Lady, Jacalyn Leavitt was welcomed to Castle Dale Elementary by the young students singing. Mrs. Leavitt was pleased with the welcome and even sang along.

Mrs. Leavitt shared pictures of the Governor's Mansion. She has written a few books but the Tornado Desk was the book she chose to share with the students. Tornado Desk is the story of the tornado that hit Utah. She read of the idea to make a desk out of the trees that had been destroyed in the tornado.

Mr. Leavitt joined Mrs. Leavitt later on and asked the students to sing a couple of songs to him. He then was asked different kinds of questions by children of all ages.

The principal, Geniel Huntington told of her appreciation and the great opportunity the Leavitt's had given to the Castle Dale Elementary students that day.

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