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Letter to the Editor: Political parties make this country great

Salt Lake City


Perhaps I am a little late in response to a letter to the editor I read a couple of weeks ago. This particular letter accused the democrats within our country as being the enemy and compared them to the terrorists we are currently trying to subdue in the Middle-East. The letter claimed that democrats hate America and love our enemies. This claim and these comparisons are not only far-fetched, but untrue.

There are many things happening within the government right now, both from a democratic aspect and a republican aspect, that many Americans don't support. There are certain policies not only concerning the war in Iraq but "No Child Left Behind" and other various acts President Bush has presented to Congress that cause many Americans to question the values of the Republican party, and clearly many Republican citizens may question the values of the Democratic Party.

Regardless of the differences in these two parties and the debates that take place amongst Americans everyday who belong to these two parties, it is this two party system that makes America great. It is the ability to express opinions, the ability to change and make laws, that makes America a land of choice-a land of freedom. It's the right to burn a flag, to attend a worship services, and to rally against abortion or for animal rights that make up what the America dream is. It is true, there is disagreement.

It is true that we may not agree with a specific aspect or opinion of a certain party, but the very same ideals that allow these two parties to coexist is the same ideals each American uses everyday to express their ideas. The democrats are not evil, the republicans are not evil, they are groups that represent ideals and essentially set an example of what an American system, a democratic system, looks like.

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