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Letter to the Editor: Utah flag not patented

St. George


I wonder how many of our Utah State Legislators including our State Attorney General are not aware that the State Flag of Utah is not patented nor copyrighted. This is the reason our State Flag of Utah is made out of subpar material.

No one cares or is concerned about quality control. I am flying my fifth Utah flag to one Old Glory. Utah's flag cost me $49.95 and Old Glory cost me $29.95.

My plan is to build my own State Flag of Utah. I will silk screen onto high quality nylon showing a man walking down a road with six women in each wheel track following, wearing long dresses with their hair braided hanging down their back.

When Utah was admitted into the Union we had men in high positions that were and had been practicing polygamy for years. In bold letters across the top, "State Flag of Utah."

I intend to fly it from my own flag pole, or perhaps I should apply for the patent and copyright to our present day flag and establish my own flag manufacturing and selling our State Flag Utah.

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