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Letter to the Editor: an Open Letter to U.S. Servicemen

St. George

Dear Editor,

An Open Letter to U.S. Servicemen

Please come back safe and sound, clean and whole. Much military speech is vulgar, obscene, and blasphemous, please don't let it rub off on you.

Some return with lifetime afflictions of loathsome diseases and maladies. The government says "it won't hurt you". Especially beware of radiation poisoning by "dirty" bombs and munitions; the results may be cumulative, undetectable, long-lasting and deadly. Do not take drugs such as uppers, downers, speed etc. which may be addictive.

If you were good when you left, I estimate you have only a 50 percent chance of being good when you return lacking in basic social skills. It needs must be that offenses come, but woe to them by whom they come. You should not obey any wicked orders.

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