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Editorial - What do Tech Tips do for you?

Sun Advocate/Progress Webmaster

I have worked with computers and technology for a number of years now, and after all this time, one thing I have noticed is that people tend to under-utilize or avoid technology, partly because they don't understand it or feel intimidated by it.

So, over the past several months, I have written a handful of these Tech Tips articles, where I have attempted to explain many technical topics in simple terms, so they make more sense to not-so-techie people.

During this time, I have discovered first-hand how difficult such writing can be. Beyond grammar issues and word choice, explaining technology in layman's terms isn't always easy. There were times I have over-simplified to get my point across, and, at other times, I have gone into too much detail.

And although I've tried my best to ensure my information is accurate and that my writing is grammatically correct, I have made mistakes. In my last article, I was embarrassed to find, just after the paper was sent to press, that I had mistyped "Optical Character Recognition" as "Optical Carrier Resolution." I knew better - why I did that, I dunno, but it happens.

All in all, however, I have enjoyed writing these short articles. I have also learned a thing or two myself along the way.

With that said, I would like to know if these ramblings of mine are useful to you. Are you learning anything from them? If so, what else would you like to learn about? It doesn't necessarily have to be a question about computers, but it should have some sort of technology theme. Call the Sun Advocate, (435) 637-0732 (ext. 17) or email if you have suggestions.

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