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Enzo passes away

On June 23, Enzo, Emery County Sheriff's Office police service dog passed away. Enzo served with the sheriff's office for 10 years and was handled by Deputy Blake Gardner. Deputy Gardner and Enzo attended the Utah State Police Academy for 12 weeks to become certified in patrol work, detecting drugs and SWAT deployments.

The K-9 was responsible for seizing over $10.1 million worth of drugs. He has sniffed out drugs in spare tires, gas tanks, multiple hidden compartments in vehicles and a variety of other places.

Enzo has competed in and won numerous awards in state and international police service dog competitions. Of Enzo, Wendell Nope, the Police K-9 training supervisor at the Utah State Police Academy said in an email sent out to Utah K-9 personnel:

"Today K-9 Enzo of the Emery County Sheriff's Office died. Enzo as handled throughout his entire career as a police service dog by Deputy Blake Gardner. Enzo is a legend among Utah K-9s and will be sorely missed. As far as I know, Enzo is the most successful Narco dog ever in the State of Utah. I encourage anyone seeing this announcement to semd the Emery County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Lamar Guymon, and Deputy Blake Gardner condolences and appreciation for the positive influence this remarkable dog has had on our state."

Enzo's spot has been filled on the sheriff's office by Neko who is also a Malinios from Holland.

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