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Local Resident Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

Gladys Braithwaite Nelson celebrated her 100th birthday at the Turnquist Retreat in Elmo on April 24. The Golden Oldies senior band was on hand to help Gladys celebrate and entertain her with music.

Her family was also invited to Elmo. The parties didn't end there for Gladys they also had a family celebration for her in Ferron on April 27.

Gladys said she didn't think she'd ever make it to 100-years-old, but she's glad she did. "I've had a happy life most of the time. Life has its ups and downs. I've taken good care of myself.

Gladys remembers making the trip from Ferron to Manti in a buggy. Gladys is originally a Manti girl, transported over the mountain by her husband, Bryant. On one such buggy trip they made it as far as where I-70 is now and spent the night. They woke up to 16 inches of snow that had fallen overnight. A motorcycle sped past them as they readied for their journey on through Salina Canyon. The next day they saw the motorcycle had been abandoned at the summit of Salina Canyon. They built a fire and warmed up rocks to help keep them warm on their trip. They made it to Salina and the next day on to Manti. The entire buggy trip took three days. Gladys has many tales to tell of a long and happy life.

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