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Letter to the Editor: Great week during county fair, pageant

Castle Dale

Dear Editor,

What a great week we had last week, here in Emery County, the fair and pageant, giving us a lot to do. As always the pageant was great, and drew a lot of people to our area, to see and appreciate our county. The fair was great, lots of good entertainment and food, the free dinner that was put on at the Castle Dale city park was good. I am sure a boost to our local stores, to spend money here for the food that was used in the dinner and the lunch for the senior citizens. What great ways to show our appreciation to our local stores, who are always here to help whenever a fund raising event or school event has need for help.

The Emery County Queen and her attendants, performed several times, showing us that we have great talent here. Shala Pitchforth, Shawna Rogers and Kristine Johansen, what beautiful and talented girls. They put on a great show and have the ability to entertain us. And all the other people who performed, the great food that was available, and all the local talent that was shown at the fair, it was a great week for the county. I am glad that I live here and could partake of the great things that we had going. Kudos to all the people that made it happen. Emery County what a great place to live, work and play.

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