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Letter to the Editor: Public land issues require public involvement

St. George

Dear Editor,

In the Emery County Progress Aug. 2 edition on their front page article titled, Lawsuits, public lands, county and roads. The article by Patsy Stoddard cast an illusion that those people that should become involved in these issues supporting your county officials versus radical extreme environmentalists are shying away. This is repulsive. To those that have information pertaining to those roads in the San Rafael area particularly the livestock people, unpatented mining claim holders, prospectors, particularly those during the uranium boom who traveled over these roads the environmentalists want to close, should stand up and offer your support to your county commissioners.

So you're long in the tooth and bald on the head, including male and female. But you have been there years ago, and have no inclinations or desire to go back through the Swell. So be it, I feel the same way. But I have posterity of grandchildren and great-grandchildren and more to come further on that should have the right to traverse through the San Rafael and travel over all the roads with in the Swell. To my posterity I offer my support to the Emery County Commissioners.

I understand there is a feeling of ill will against some 4-wheelers and some dirt bike riders, for tearing up the turf. But they are few and the dedicated dirt bikers do not like to see that any more than you do. And they too are working very hard to educate those few idiots that fail to know the difference between a trail and a side hill that has never tried by dirt bikers. In time you will see BLM coming out with laws that will confiscate and fine those bikers that are not staying on the trails or roads. These we need to eradicate.

But irregardless of our feelings against the dirt bikers, we owe it, you owe your support to your county commissioners. If the enviros win and they force the BLM to close the roads, point your un-supporting finger at yourself and say, I asked for it.

Remember evil people rule where good people refuse to get involved.

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