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Letter to the Editor: Green River needs community center

Green River

As an Emery County resident, I am writing this letter because I am deeply concerned about making sure that you are aware and understand completely at least one issue concerning Emery County.

I am aware of how important the Green River Community Center is to Emery County. I don't have enough time, ink or paper to properly list all of the important tasks handled through this community center, but I will list a few; a summer school program for kindergarten through eighth grade, where these children are fed breakfast, hot lunch and snack four days a week prepared and served at the Green River Community Center in a kitchen smaller, most likely, than any of yours. The Green River Community Center currently works out of a donated building in need of much repair. The staff prepares and delivers hot dinners to Emery County seniors living in Green River five days a week in this same small kitchen.

The Green River Community Center has computers and home-work help, a Mother Read/Father Read program, which is very important for those children who have no one at home to read to them or to help them to learn to read. The center partnered with the College of Eastern Utah and have a computer lab for adult college education, along with a (Prime For Life) DUI education program. They provide American Red Cross CPR/ first aid training, food to the needy, pull weeds for those who can't do it themselves, recreation programs such as AYSO soccer, a skate park and youth outdoor large muscle activities, coordinate community volunteer activities for RSVP and younger volunteers. The City of Green River budgets $12,000 for the operation and maintenance for the current center. Over the past 4 1/2 years the community center has created 5-12 jobs each year. They continually work to make this part of Emery County a cleaner more appealing area to visit.

Could you please consider that recreational opportunities, feeding, clothing, sheltering, educating and protecting the hungry in Green River is important and deserves consideration?

The director and staff of the Green River Community Center have tried for four years to get help and funding for a more adequate facility from which to provide services for Emery County residents. With a lot of work and determination they have people interested in helping build this project; wouldn't it be nice to be able to show them that our own county is dedicated to this project also?

Upon the completion of this facility, the Green River Community Center will be able to assist all of Emery County as well as the Four Corners area as a conference and training center and then some. Please give this project sincere consideration.

Editor's Note: This letter was written to the Emery County Commissioners and read to them during the commission meeting recently held in Green River.

The commissioners responded that yes, they are very favorable to a new community center in Green River, but they do not fund projects of this type.

They are agreeable to putting in a good word for other funding options such as community impact grants and other funding sources.

The commissioners said they lend their support to the project and will help in anyway they are able.

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